Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our little pumpkins!

We had an enjoyable time walking around the neighborhood, trick-or-treating. The girls were pumpkins this year. And they were ADORABLE, if I do say so myself...

Hope everyone had a safe & happy Halloween!!

Here's a shot before trick-or-treating. She had waited LONG enough for her Daddy to get home to go! (Oh, and she didn't get a nap either!)

And here's a shot after I told her that if she didn't smile, we weren't going. Oh, mom's have their way, don't they? ;o)

Mom came over yesterday morning to paint her face. They always dress up on Halloween up at the Heritage. She was a scarecrow. She looked so festive!


The Hagan Clan said...

OMGoodness those are the cutest pumpkins that i ever seen! I bet they had a great time! Your mom looks awesome like always!

Blackmans said...

I will have to agree with Aletha, two of the cutest pumpkins I have ever seen!