Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random pics...

Various Sawyer poses!

Found her thumb, but from the look on her face - it must not taste too good!

Baby workout!
(Looks like some kind of Tae-Bo or somethin'.) ?

Mom, that flash is really bright!

Chillin' with Dad, watchin' football.

Tori's boyfriend, Daniel came over with Tori & Heidi Tuesday nite to see Sawyer. He was thrilled to know he would be included in the next blog post! Tee hee... Sorry Dan!

Jaime, Jaysek & Jensyn came over for a visit on Friday. I just can't believe how big they've gotten. They are so active & on the move! They are so adorable...

Jaysek passed out before mom could get him packed back in the stroller.
What a cute little dude!