Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yet another update...

Ok, so I don't know about you - but I can't get ENOUGH of this baby girl! So, here's some more pics to hold you over for awhile. (Until the next post anyway!) Enjoy!

My sleepy angel!
Sawyer had her 1 week check-up on Monday & she gained 3 oz. She's up to 7lbs 14oz!! I was extremely relieved since I've been breastfeeding & wasn't sure she was getting much. We're supplementing with formula as well tho' - as I just can't keep up with her. She's quite the eater! The Dr said she looks great!

She has been the perfect angel when it comes to sleeping at night. I am so amazed at how she's spoiling her mommy! Peytie is just as much in love with her little sister as her daddy & mommy are. Which is great & a huge relief. (She is 3 - almost 4 & the jealousy thing kinda' comes with the territory.) But, so far - we've only had a few moments. Nothing we can't handle. She gives her lots of kisses & every time she walks by, she stops to run her fingers through Sawyer's hair! She always says, "Awww, hello baby sista'! Love you!" It's so cute!

Well, hope this all finds you well & staying warm. Happy Fall from our house to yours!


Tami Vrbas said...

I miss both my angels. I hope to be over this cold soon, so I can come over and be with them. It's so fun to see big sister and little sister pictures!