Saturday, October 18, 2008

Similarities & Differences...

Joe & I have been talking about how much Sawyer looks like Peyton when she was a newborn. In fact, Joe said "How the heck did we manage to have 2 kids that look so much alike, 4 yrs apart?!" I see A LOT of Peyton in her, however once posting these pics - I also see a lot of differences as well. Nevertheless, we have 2 GORGEOUS girls!

Peyton - newborn.

Sawyer - newborn.

Peyton - a few days old.

Sawyer - a few days old.


Blackmans said...

Ok, well since looking at these pictures I see a lot more resemblance. When I saw Sawyer for the first I would have argued. I thought they looked a lot different. You now have me convinced. Oh- and I agree completely- they are both gorgeous!


Wow! I think Sawyer looks like Joe. They are both adorable. I love the new background too!