Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another visit from G-pa Ben!

Peytie & Sawyer's great g-pa Ben was here from Texas this last weekend. He brought his girlfriend too!

Here's a pic of us Rotters!

G-pa & Crystal

And of course... they came bearing gifts!
They brought Peytie this easel & boy does she LOVE it!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas at Nana & Poppo's!

On Christmas day, after opening gifts from Santa at home, we made the trek down the street to Nana & Poppo's house. We opened more gifts with them, had a wonderful turkey dinner & played some games. We even popped over to the Blackman's to see everyone for a bit too! All in all, it was a very Merry Christmas for the Vrbas'!!

Our baby girl & her cRaZy hair!!

Miss Peytunia, awaiting her Christmas gifts... ;o)

Poor little Sawyer didn't know what to think of this thing we call 'Christmas'. All the noise & people were very overwhelming to her. (I believe she was a bit overstimulated, as she's been sleeping quite a bit, the past couple days... trying to recover I think.)

Nana & Poppo got Peytie a V-Motion. (It's kind of like a Wii for kids.) She LOVES this thing! She & daddy have been playing it a lot!

Mommy & her most precious gifts of all!

Nana & Sawyer

Quiet time!
The girls sacked out late in the afternoon... (Too much turkey perhaps? ;o)


Peytie 'raked in the LOOT' this Christmas! (Can we say S-P-O-I-L-E-D?!)

The following are pics from both Christmas Eve & Christmas morning. (And since Blogger changed their format, they're probably way out of order...)

Daddy & Sawyer, watching big sister open presents...

"Looks like a bomb went off, Peytie!"

Yay! A SLED!! (She was so excited to try it out, so Daddy pulled her down to Nana's later for Christmas dinner!)

G-ma Helen & Sawyer

Sawyer only got 1 thing for her 1st Christmas - this Exersaucer! She loves it!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Some family pictures!

I FINALLY got us all together to get a few family pictures! (I've only been trying for like... well, since Sawyer was born!) There was just always some reason that it didn't work out. So, since we were all dolled up for our Christmas program at the church, I had brother Dave take a few shots of us. No- they're not fancy, by any means, but it's us.
(I think they turned out pretty good.) Thanks Dave!
We'll be having you take some professional one's once you get your studio set up.

This was the first one & as you can see, Sawyer was NOT happy.

But, mommy got her calmed down for the rest of them.

Mommy & Sawyer

The Vrbas family would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & a wonderful 2009!!


Joe, Sarah, Peyton & Sawyer

Jammies for Christmas!!

Joe & I let Peytie open one present tonite.

"Dora Christmas Jammies!!"

Can you tell she loved them?!

Jack & Amy came over for a play date the other nite because apparently Jack had been asking his mommy ALL day, "We go see Peyton, mommy?" (Good to know that Jack likes spending time with his cousin, just as she does with him!) We were thrilled to have them over. They came for supper. Spaghetti! And Amy made her awesome italian sausage dip. The mommies caught up on some much needed 'adult conversation' while the kiddos played their little hearts out. Here is a pic of Jack & Peytie playing 'Ring Around the Rosy'.

I was bored the other nite, (I know - hard to believe!) so I was playing 'photo shoot' with Miss Sawyer. I think these pics turned out pretty adorable... for an amateur photographer. ;o)

Sawyer, hangin' out at the church Christmas program.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Peytie's Christmas Program

Monday night was the School Christmas program. Peytie was so excited! (Even tho' she couldn't tell me what her class was singing.) I'm not sure if she wanted it to be a surprise or if she just couldn't remember...? I'm thinking the latter of the two. ;o) Anyway, the preschool sang 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and 'A Star For My Little Tree'. They all did great!

Before we left for the program, I had to get some pictures of my
big girl in her pretty Christmas outfit.

Peytie & her friend, Shiloh.

Taylah, Peytie & Shiloh

Brianna & Peytie

Peytie's class! (Preschool)

Daddy gets a little nervous, seeing her stand so close to boys already! Tee hee...

After the program

Last weekend...

Well, I haven't been as good about updating, but things have just been CRAZY around here for the past couple weeks, with me returning to work from my 8 week maternity leave, moving Peytie's bedroom downstairs and just gearing up for Christmas & ALL that it entails.
Whoo! I'm gonna' need a vacation... come the first of the year! ;o)
Here are just some pics from last week.
Grammy Tami & Papa Jerry came for a visit.
Peytie LOVES to wrestle with Papa!

Grammy Tami, snuggling with Sawyer

Sleepy little angel...

Santa Claus came to town!!

Peytie & Jack, gettin' some goodies!