Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In memory of Grandpa Pinky...

Every year, the Peterson/Vrbas/Ward clan gets together to put up and decorate the Christmas tree that Grandma Elaine donated the Methodist Church in memory of her late husband, Grandpa "Pinky" Peterson. We always have a lot of fun and the tree always looks amazing when we're done! Here are some pics to show you the craziness that IS our family!

The 'branch fluffers'!

No one wants this job... (the job of having to put the branches into the tree base.) The tree gets to be so full & low - it's hard to get underneath to do the bottom several rows! Joe & Dave were...entertaining to say the least. Right Heidi?! Tee hee...

"Hi there, I'll be under the tree, if anyone needs me."

The kiddos were havin' fun too!

Sawyer slept through the ENTIRE thing...

Uncle Dave, helping Peytie hang the last angel on the tree.

The finished product.
The picture doesn't do it justice, it really is GORGEOUS!


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