Monday, December 22, 2008

Jammies for Christmas!!

Joe & I let Peytie open one present tonite.

"Dora Christmas Jammies!!"

Can you tell she loved them?!

Jack & Amy came over for a play date the other nite because apparently Jack had been asking his mommy ALL day, "We go see Peyton, mommy?" (Good to know that Jack likes spending time with his cousin, just as she does with him!) We were thrilled to have them over. They came for supper. Spaghetti! And Amy made her awesome italian sausage dip. The mommies caught up on some much needed 'adult conversation' while the kiddos played their little hearts out. Here is a pic of Jack & Peytie playing 'Ring Around the Rosy'.

I was bored the other nite, (I know - hard to believe!) so I was playing 'photo shoot' with Miss Sawyer. I think these pics turned out pretty adorable... for an amateur photographer. ;o)

Sawyer, hangin' out at the church Christmas program.