Sunday, January 31, 2010

Taking advantage of a sunny day...

As you know, yesterday was SUCH a gorgeous day. So we decided to go outside and play for a while in the sunshine! The girls were SOOO excited and had a blast! Mommy really needed it too- we've been having some cabin fever for awhile now. So it was time!
Yeah... we know the snow's almost all gone... but Peytie thought it'd be fun to pull her sister around in the sled anyway! Goofy kid!

Just a swingin'


Chasin' the kitty!

Playin' in the snow
Fun in the playhouse

Sawyer loves her kitty...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just a small post...

Ok, so I have been really bad about taking pictures lately. :( Just have had lots going on lately. Here's a few to hold ya' over for a while hopefully...
Last night, Nana & Poppo came over for a while to play. The girls just swarm around their Poppo. Guess it's because he's just like a kid himself. ;)

Peytie has started this phase where she prefers to be in her underwear all the time. I can NOT keep clothes on her when we're at home!! And naturally... if big sis is "nakey"... then by all rights, little sis has to be! UGH. It's so frustrating!! However, it's less laundry I suppose so...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Peytie's School "Winter Music Program!"

Peyton Elisabeth... all spiffed up! I cannot believe how much my little girl has grown up!

Peytie (on the left) and her preschool class.

She did so well. She even sang along this year!! I was SO proud!

"A Star For My Little Tree..."

Sawyer hung out on Laura's lap for a little while during the program
(when she wasn't running around with the other kids!)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another update...

On Tuesday of last week we had a playdate with our friends, Jaysek & Jensyn Weiss!! This is the 2nd one we've had. The kiddos play so well together & it gives the mommy's a chance to catch eachother up on our busy lives! ;)

We do so enjoy our playdates! Thanks for bringin' your little cuties over, Jaim!

This took place the other night, during a little Husker party at our house... by none other than our busy little monkey, Sawyer Jane. What a mess... but it was OH SO FUNNY!
"What?! Wasn't ME?!"

The girls, watchin' Saturday mornin' cartoons...