Saturday, February 20, 2010


Peytie & Jack after a baby powder explosion... VERY funny and VERY messy!!

Sawyer, reading her Valentine's Day card from her Grandma Shirley... she loves cards!

Watchin' cartoons...

Helping mommy cook supper.

Silly girl has a fetish with shoes. She's ALWAYS tryin' on mommy's, daddy's & sissy's shoes!

She also has a thing about Peytie's clothes! SO goofy!!

Peyton - havin' a little computer time. I keep telling Joe we're going to eventually have to get her her very own!


What Sawyer does in her spare time...

The following is a little 'photo-shoot'. I was trying to take a pic of the girls (since it's been awhile) and as you will see - it didn't go so well. Gives me the giggles tho'!