Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A whole buncha' stuff!!

It's been awhile since I've posted again. Sorry. What can I say - things are never boring around here. We stay very busy! Here's a whole bunch of stuff that's been happening in our world this past couple months... (not in order tho' of course - you can blame Blogger for that!)
We've been playing a lot of "dress-up" lately, as this is Peytie's new favorite thing to do. =)
Ohh, mommy LOVES having girls!!
Spent some quality time with Nana...
Had our fair share of Sawyer meltdown's...

Got to attend the Hunt family reunion (Grandma Elaine's side of the family).

We've been spending a lot of time outside in the yard, thoroughly enjoying the warm days! The girls really love their waterslide/pool!

The P-Days crew has been workin' hard this past few weeks, preparing for the big weekend coming up!!

Grandma Betty was crowned Queen at her "Senior Prom"

Peytie made her mama VERY proud, at her Spring Music Concert!

Tori Rae graduated highschool!! AND was co-saluta-TORI-an!! WooHoo!!

(Looking at these 2 pics, side by side, I now realize I must've changed the color somehow in the top one. Her gown, most def was turquoise tho'! Weird...)

Peytie kicked butt (and totally surprised her mommy at just how athletic she is) at Field Day!

Did I mention we've spent a lot of time outside, where the girls (and their mommy & daddy) are most content...? Um, yeah - DEFINITELY! We heart summer!!

The Tennessee Waltz...

I kept forgetting to post this video. During the "Senior Prom" at the nursing home, my Grandma (the prom queen) danced with her daughter (my mama) to her favorite song. It was a very heart warming moment for me...