Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fire Department Annual Appreciation Dinner

The Palisade Fire Dept. Annual Appreciation dinner was last Saturday. They did something a little different this year. Instead of having a quick dinner, crammed into the Cafe, then rushing off to a meeting - they decided to hold it on a Saturday night in the 'much roomier' school gym. The Cafe catered prime rib (which was delish) and then everyone brought salads, desserts, etc. It was a wonderful evening and I couldn't be prouder of my husband. (As well as every member of the department, for doing the tremendous work they do!) We should all be very grateful!

Here is a pic of almost all the members.
(There were only a few that weren't able to make it.)
Front row, left to right - Justin Huston, Brian Monnahan, Joe, Jamie Christner & Seth Alberts. 2nd row - Tom Monnahan, Ray Ridlen, Reid Ott, Kirk Gates, Richard Durham & Melton Durham. Back row - Tonya French, Rodney Hunt, Shad Wiese & Chris Allen. (Tayla French, Josh Hicks & Peyton are the kiddos pictured!)

Joe got his 10 yr pin!! Way to go honey!!
(Asst. chief, Shad Wiese is congratulating him.)

Peytie & Josh (check out the kool-aid 'staches!)

2008 babies'!
Nicole & Kreyton Wiese, me & Sawyer, Crystal & Jaislynn Hicks

"Say CHEEEESE... 'er cherry kool-aid!"

Laura & Sawyer (the ONLY person she would go to other than mommy & daddy the entire nite!)

Mr. Kreyton Bradley... is he not the CUTEST thing ever?!?!

Had to throw this pic in, just for good measure - our CHUBBY girl!
(Proof that the formula IS working!) =)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Little monkey feet!!

SUPER CUTE little monkey feet, that is.
Sawyer is getting quite a personality now days & she does some of the cutest things. The other day, Joe & I noticed she was turning her feet inward together & curling her toes under while eating! She does it all the time now - it's ADORABLE!

A close-up of Sawyer's "monkey feet."

** Another super cute thing she does is play with her tongue. She's always sticking it out & rolling it around. (Haven't caught a picture of that yet tho'.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random stuff...

I was going through more of Peytie's old hair stuff the other day & came across this pink headband. Sawyer seems to be happier wearing them than Peytie ever did. Perhaps I'll get my "girly" girl after all?! ;o)

And Joe says she looks like a white version of 'Aunt Jemima!' I don't care... I think it's cute!

Daddy & Sawyer playing

Cousin Jack & Peytie have been hangin' out A LOT! They have a great time together & it's pure entertainment for us parents, let me tell ya'! (They do & say the most hilarious things!!) Peytie asks me EVERY DAY if she can either go see Jack or have him come to our house. You'd think they would grow tired of each other since they spend Mon - Thurs. at daycare together!? Guess not. ;o)
This was taken at our house a couple weeks ago while Dave & Amy were doing concessions at the theater in Wauneta. Jack hung out with us for awhile that evening.
Here they are, just chillin' in their jammies.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Daddy's in a great mood...

And this household is ELATED!!

For anyone who doesn't know, Joe is a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan & has been since he was just a little tyke! (And being married to him for the last 9 1/2 yrs, I've naturally become quite the fan too!) Last nite was the championship game against the Baltimore Ravens. He was so ecstatic with the win, he had Peytie go get her cheerleader outfit on. He's already started talking about a Super Bowl party too, so stay tuned for that!

"Gimme' an S... gimme' a T..."

During the game, Peytie decided to do her daddy's hair.
(They do this often actually.) It's pretty cute! He's such a good sport about it & guess he probably should be, since he's the only guy in the house! ;o)

~The finished product~

...And this was Sawyer's opinion of the whole darn thing! PFFFFTTTTT!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sawyer was baptized!!

Last Sunday, Sawyer was baptized. Along with her cousin Jack & the Weiss twins, Jaysek & Jensyn. It was a wonderful service & we're glad we got to share the special day with our family & friends! We had a potluck lunch in the church basement so the congregation could help us celebrate. Thanks to everyone who came!

Here, Pastor Judy douses Sawyer with Holy water...

The whole group!
Dave, Jack, Amy, Jaime, Jensyn, Pastor Judy, Jaysek, Jason, me, Sawyer & Joe

Our little 'peas in a pod!' Jack & Peytie are BFF's!

Little Sawyer Jane

Tami & Jerry

Grandma Vrbas, hangin' out with Sawyer after the potluck.

(Not sure if he was playing a game with me or whether it was getting close to nap time.?)

Unca' Dave & Sawyer
(she was quite comfy, just walkin' around with Dave for a good majority of the day.)

The 'other' Vrbi - Dave, Amy & Jack! (proud to say 'Palisade Vrbi' now!)
We're so glad you guys moved back!

Some close-ups

Dave & Sawyer again. (See? What'd I tell ya'? Comfy, comfy...)

Some of the family

Grandma Tami, having some 'Sawyer time.'

What?! Another family pic so soon? I know, even I'M amazed! ;o)

Happy Birthday Papa Jerry!!

We hope you have a SUPER day!!
Joe, Sarah, Peytie & Sawyer

Monday, January 5, 2009

Chattin' with Sawyer...

Sawyer has started talking & laughing. It's so cute! Here's a short video I took the other day.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 2009!!

The Vrbas' would like to wish everyone a very healthy, prosperous & happy New Year!

Here are just some random pics from the last week or so...

Peytie is growing up so fast. Unfortunately, with getting older - she seems to think she no longer needs naps. (This pic is proof of what happens early evening when she doesn't take a nap!)

I can hardly believe Sawyer is almost 3 months old now! She's pretty much mastered holding up her head & she LOVES to talk! Nothing sweeter than a baby's coo, is there? ;o) She's been talking a lot lately & even laughing! (I'll post a video of some of that later!)

Mommy, Sawyer & Addie Cat havin' some lazy time...