Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sawyer was baptized!!

Last Sunday, Sawyer was baptized. Along with her cousin Jack & the Weiss twins, Jaysek & Jensyn. It was a wonderful service & we're glad we got to share the special day with our family & friends! We had a potluck lunch in the church basement so the congregation could help us celebrate. Thanks to everyone who came!

Here, Pastor Judy douses Sawyer with Holy water...

The whole group!
Dave, Jack, Amy, Jaime, Jensyn, Pastor Judy, Jaysek, Jason, me, Sawyer & Joe

Our little 'peas in a pod!' Jack & Peytie are BFF's!

Little Sawyer Jane

Tami & Jerry

Grandma Vrbas, hangin' out with Sawyer after the potluck.

(Not sure if he was playing a game with me or whether it was getting close to nap time.?)

Unca' Dave & Sawyer
(she was quite comfy, just walkin' around with Dave for a good majority of the day.)

The 'other' Vrbi - Dave, Amy & Jack! (proud to say 'Palisade Vrbi' now!)
We're so glad you guys moved back!

Some close-ups

Dave & Sawyer again. (See? What'd I tell ya'? Comfy, comfy...)

Some of the family

Grandma Tami, having some 'Sawyer time.'

What?! Another family pic so soon? I know, even I'M amazed! ;o)



I LOVE the picture of Jake and Payton sitting the same way. How cute.

Anonymous said...

OK - why can I click on some of these to see a larger pic and some I can't?? Also - I see no evidence whatsoever that I was even there that day. I'm pretty sure I went. Maybe the camera didn't come out 'til after Grammy Bet-a-Bet and I left. Hmmmm. Anyway, good pics and of course my girls are just the cutest ev!
Love ya,
Nana K.

Tami Vrbas said...

That was such a good day, wasn't it? I enjoy seeing the pictures of everybody and reliving it again.