Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random stuff...

I was going through more of Peytie's old hair stuff the other day & came across this pink headband. Sawyer seems to be happier wearing them than Peytie ever did. Perhaps I'll get my "girly" girl after all?! ;o)

And Joe says she looks like a white version of 'Aunt Jemima!' I don't care... I think it's cute!

Daddy & Sawyer playing

Cousin Jack & Peytie have been hangin' out A LOT! They have a great time together & it's pure entertainment for us parents, let me tell ya'! (They do & say the most hilarious things!!) Peytie asks me EVERY DAY if she can either go see Jack or have him come to our house. You'd think they would grow tired of each other since they spend Mon - Thurs. at daycare together!? Guess not. ;o)
This was taken at our house a couple weeks ago while Dave & Amy were doing concessions at the theater in Wauneta. Jack hung out with us for awhile that evening.
Here they are, just chillin' in their jammies.


Anonymous said...

OK the jammies are cute enough, but the cowboy hat? OMG! That is the frosting on the cake! Almost looks like he's about to rope sumpum'! What a keeper that Jackles is! Course Peytie looks totally precious in her jam-jams, too! And I think she secretly wants a cowgirl hat... Nana might have to go shoppin' at the western store next week! :o)
Love ya,