Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fire Department Annual Appreciation Dinner

The Palisade Fire Dept. Annual Appreciation dinner was last Saturday. They did something a little different this year. Instead of having a quick dinner, crammed into the Cafe, then rushing off to a meeting - they decided to hold it on a Saturday night in the 'much roomier' school gym. The Cafe catered prime rib (which was delish) and then everyone brought salads, desserts, etc. It was a wonderful evening and I couldn't be prouder of my husband. (As well as every member of the department, for doing the tremendous work they do!) We should all be very grateful!

Here is a pic of almost all the members.
(There were only a few that weren't able to make it.)
Front row, left to right - Justin Huston, Brian Monnahan, Joe, Jamie Christner & Seth Alberts. 2nd row - Tom Monnahan, Ray Ridlen, Reid Ott, Kirk Gates, Richard Durham & Melton Durham. Back row - Tonya French, Rodney Hunt, Shad Wiese & Chris Allen. (Tayla French, Josh Hicks & Peyton are the kiddos pictured!)

Joe got his 10 yr pin!! Way to go honey!!
(Asst. chief, Shad Wiese is congratulating him.)

Peytie & Josh (check out the kool-aid 'staches!)

2008 babies'!
Nicole & Kreyton Wiese, me & Sawyer, Crystal & Jaislynn Hicks

"Say CHEEEESE... 'er cherry kool-aid!"

Laura & Sawyer (the ONLY person she would go to other than mommy & daddy the entire nite!)

Mr. Kreyton Bradley... is he not the CUTEST thing ever?!?!

Had to throw this pic in, just for good measure - our CHUBBY girl!
(Proof that the formula IS working!) =)


Anonymous said...

That was a very fun night! Thanks for the cute pic of Kreyton! (You were right you did get a good one!)
So glad Sawyers formula is working, (although it stinks and stains) she is so adorable!!