Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just stuff...

Peytie, munchin' on some popcorn! (Her favorite snack!)
Evidently, it's Jack's fav. too!

Not sure what he's doing here...? (Dave has been so kind to take some pics with my camera lately.)

The kiddo's - giving Tori loves. Poor Tori has a torn ACL & a badly bruised knee cap. We're awaiting word on surgery... We're so bummed that sports may be over for her this year. We look forward to a quick recovery & can't wait to see her kick butt in both V & B-ball NEXT year tho'!!

Our little munchkin! (She's been having a rough time with teething lately. Hence the drool all over her shirt!)

The girs, playin' with their Daddy.

"JACK"-ARONI & CHEESE! (As Joe likes to call them!) This picture proves that there's NEVER a dull moment when these 2 are around! Crazy kiddos!

Sawyer, just relaxed in her bouncer. VERY relaxed as you can see.

Bathtime! Jack spent the evening with us again last week & it was time for Peytie to have a bath, so I threw him in too! (Ok, you know I didn't THROW him in, he was ALL for it!)

Tori Rae & her swollen leg. She stopped by on her way home from the Dr. in Kearney the other nite. She was a little doped up on Vicodin. Can ya' tell? Poor thing...We luv ya' girl!

Another bath tub shot. Cheesetastic!

A few shots of Miss Sawyer

"Ok Mom, enough already!"


Dave Ja Vu said...

Love all the pics! (if i do say so m'self).

Was wondering though. Do you plan to put them on your Facebook cuz I can't click on the ones I want to save them bigger. Pieces me off.

Let me know or just send them on to me. k-thx.

Dave Ja Vu said...

Okay, I'm gonna beg. Please, please, please send me the photo of Jack and Peytie on the fireplace. It's one of my faves and it will probs end up on the list next year somewhere toward the top. But I need you to send it to me cuz it won't let me enlarge it! Please!