Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our girls!

So, it's been awhile... sorry, things have been a little hectic around here lately. Ha! Who am I kidding?... Things have been ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!! I've been putting a lot of overtime in at work, playing catch-up from my maternity leave. On top of that, Peytie has surgery next week to have tubes put in her ears & to have her adnoids taken out. Sawyer has been teething & has been quite the handful lately. And Joe has been working a lot of evenings as well lately, which leaves me little time to do anything other than be 'mommy' once I get home. ;o) I'm desperately praying for a lull in my life here soon! What I wouldn't give for things to get 'boring' around here again...
Here are just some pics of our girls I've taken over the past few weeks... Enjoy!

Peytie & Addie-Cat

Big sis, admiring little sis!

"Sister kisses"

This is how we hold our bottle around here...with our feet. Our "monkey feet!" LOL!

After a long day at school & daycare...Peytie is quite the ham. A funny little story for ya': The other day, she had an appointment at the ENT specialist. When Joe picked her up from Laura's to bring her to McCook, she was waiting at the door for him. When they got in the pickup to leave, she said "Daddy, what took you so long?" He responded, "Honey, I was busy working - and was just running a little late. Sorry." She came back with, "Yeah, well I've been very busy lately too, with school, work at Laura's & then all these Dr. appt's coming up..." Ha Ha! I tell ya', it's days like those that remind me that our little girl is growing up. (Faster than we'd like!)


Tami Vrbas said...

i just love these pics of the sisters! About the time I think I pick my fav, I change my mind. I love them all! They are both growing up so fast!!

Anonymous said...

I agree - great pictures. But some of them don't have "links" on them so I can't save them. (Well, I can, but the resolution is very poor) Can you send me the one of Sawyer sitting up and both of the ones of the two on the floor, and finally - the one of Peytie sleeping in the chair?