Thursday, February 19, 2009

More pics!

Jack-aroni & cheese

Our little cuddlebug

Peytie & Jack were chit-chatting with Sawyer, it was pretty cute!

G-pa Matt came over for a visit the other nite. Peytie made him give her 'horsey-back rides' for like 45 minutes! Poor guy was tired when he left!

We went to the 'Vrbi down the street' to build a snowman last Saturday. They had a blast! (And I think Uncle Dave had to regain his sanity after all the kiddos left!)

Grammy Tami, Jackles & SJ

Peytie was pushing her baby doll in this stroller the other day. Well, her & daddy decided that it was just the right size for Sawyer, so he strapped her in & away they went. Peytie pushed her around the house for quite a while. (We got the umbrella stroller out after that & she now pushes her around in it. Makes mommy feel much better 'cause it's a little more sturdy!) Sure does keep her pretty content for a while! Who knew 4 yr olds could be such help!?

This is pretty typical of Sawyer lately. Gnawing on her clothes, blankie, hand, pretty much whatever she can get in her mouth. Oh, the joys of teething!

"Here's lookin' at 'choo kid!"


Dave Ja Vu said...

Love the photos, especially the one of Jack and Peytie chatting with Sawyer and the one of us with the snomman (though it made me realize how bad we need to paint our house)!

Oh, and I will probs never regain my sanity. That's why I had all those kids over that day. I'm freakin' cray-cray! I don't plan to be regaining that sanity thing anytime soon either. That'd be boring.

I will be stealing photos, FYI.

Anonymous said...

I loved all of these! I really loved the snowman group shot - and I didn't even notice your house, Dave! (Get siding - then you NEVER have to paint again!)
Question: Is Matt coloring his hair? He used to have some silver and gray... Where'd it go??