Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Party

We had a little 'get-together' for the Super Bowl this year. (Since Joe's beloved Steelers were playing.) Well, as most of you know - they WON!! It was an AWESOME game & the Cardinals were pretty impressive. I haven't been that 'in' to a game in a long time. It was so intense! And of course... we were ECSTATIC with the turnout! Here are some pics from the nite. (For some reason, I only took pics at the beginning & the end of the evening, so I missed a lot of our guests.) Thanks to everyone who came. It was a fun time!

Daddy's cheerleaders!

Jerry, servin' up some gumbo.

Daniel, Tori, Jack & Peytie

There was a commercial in 3-D so ya' had to have these glasses to get the full effects. (Or so they said... it turned out to be totally lame.) Anyway, the kids thought they were pretty cool!

Some of the crew...

Mommy & Sawyer

Laura & the girls

Hank, Rodney & Joe - watching the ceremony after the game.

True Steeler fans!


Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE The Cheerleader Costumes!!! WAY, TO CUTE!!

Tami Vrbas said...

Such a fun night, a good game to watch and we had the best cheerleaders in the country! And it didn't hurt that the Steelers won, so we can live with Joe, eh Sarah?!! LOL ;)