Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just a really unorganized, random post...

So, as usual (and I know you hear this a lot) I have been SUPER busy. So, I haven't had much time to organize, edit, post pics. And it's DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! I guess I shouldn't expect any sort of free time with a 4 yr old & an 8 month old!?! Maybe someday life will slow down... but I'm not holdin' my breath. Anywho - here are some pics that we've taken over the course of the last few weeks.

Sawyer Jane

Havin' my morning coffee on the deck... and Joe snapped this pic.

Daddy & his girls

I love my baby girl!! (And she loves me too - even tho' she looks NOT amused with me, in this pic.)

Sawyer is VERY interested in what Peytie's doing pretty much 99.9 % of the time. If we leave the gate open for even a second... she follows her. Here she is, visiting with big sis during her bath.

Wanting to join her pretty badly...

And so IN she went... she LOVES to take baths with big sis & I think Peytie's feelings are mutual!

Chillin' in the kitchen during supper one nite.

A visit to Nana & Poppo's - we LOVE Spencer!!

The following few pics are from Jack Parker's b-day party in the park. (A few weeks ago... sorry.) We Vrbi, have been spending a lot of time in the park lately. We heart the park!

Jackle Snackles rawkin' the new Shark 'Puddle-Jumper' we got him. Now he & Peytie can be safe AND look 'cool' while swimmin'! (She has a frog one.)

All the kiddos!
Back row: Nathan, Abigail, Jack, Sawyer & Peytie.
Front row: Matthew, Luke, Tori (holding Jacob) & Kenna.

Takin' a cat nap... the park can sure wear a baby out!

Cruisin' in Jack's new b-day ride...

Peytie - pleasin' with some cheesin'!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We heart summer!!

"Mommy, can we go outside?!"
This is Sawyer's favorite place to sit. She absolutely LOVES to be outside! So, when we're inside... this is the closest she can get I guess.

Sprinkler time...

"WooHoo!! We're OUTSIDE!!!"
Even tho' she doesn't appear to be happy in any of these pictures - believe me, she was! She really likes the water! She was just in a somber mood this day. ?

She eventually grew tired of the sprinkler & found something else to do... like eat grass! Such a crazy kid!!

Fun at the pool!!

This past Sunday (Father's Day), the entire Vrbas family hung out at the park all day. A bunch of us took the kiddo's over to the pool for a swim. We needed to cool down for a while 'cause it was H-O-T!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Playin' with Picnik!

Found a fun little editing program on Facebook called Picnik. I could spend countless hours just messin' around with photos in this program. Thought I'd share some of them with you...

Just a quick update on the Vrbas'...
~(since there's really nothing too interesting going on in our lives right now)~
Joe is keeping busy, as always! Between RJ Const., the Fire Dept, and his 'hubby/daddy' duties - he lacks very little time for anything else! (But don't worry - he wouldn't have it any other way!)
Peytie is enjoying her summer off from school. She's excited for it to start staying warm & keeps asking me when we can take the boat out to the pits & do some swimming! It's always either that or asking when we're going to the zoo.
(We're planning a little mini-vacation to Omaha sometime this summer. She. Is. Stoked.)
Sawyer is growing up SO fast... she's been pulling herself up on things & doing a little furniture crusin' now for a couple weeks. And she's ONLY 8 MONTHS OLD!!! Aagghh!! Daddy & sister are elated, but Mommy would like her to slow down! (Except for the 'cutting of the teeth'. Man, I wish those would come in already!! ;o)
As for me... just pluggin' along - staying VERY busy!!! I've been at my job now for 8 years and I truly love it! Even tho' the thought of a summer vacation sounds just DREAMY...
(I knew I shoulda' become a teacher!) =)
Well, we hope everyone's having a SUPER summer!!
I will try to update with new pics very soon.
Love you all!