Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We heart summer!!

"Mommy, can we go outside?!"
This is Sawyer's favorite place to sit. She absolutely LOVES to be outside! So, when we're inside... this is the closest she can get I guess.

Sprinkler time...

"WooHoo!! We're OUTSIDE!!!"
Even tho' she doesn't appear to be happy in any of these pictures - believe me, she was! She really likes the water! She was just in a somber mood this day. ?

She eventually grew tired of the sprinkler & found something else to do... like eat grass! Such a crazy kid!!

Fun at the pool!!

This past Sunday (Father's Day), the entire Vrbas family hung out at the park all day. A bunch of us took the kiddo's over to the pool for a swim. We needed to cool down for a while 'cause it was H-O-T!