Monday, October 6, 2008

A visit from Great Grandpa Ben!

Peyton's Great Grandpa Ben came for a visit this weekend. He lives in Texas and rarely EVER makes it back. Him & G-pa Matt are going grouse hunting this week. (It's an annual thing that a group of guys do & they decided to join them again this year.) He, of course, had to spoil Peytie by bringing her this really fun blow-up playhouse... complete with 100 balls! (Which will, no doubt, be the highlight of her mom's daily cleaning from here on out! ;o) Below are some pics of them setting it all up.

Thanks Grandpa! We love you & were so glad to see you!!

Crazy 'static' hair!

There's a detachable roof on top so she was loading the balls up there & then pulling the hatch & letting them spill out! How fun huh?! ;o)

This is just a pic of one of Peytie's new school shirts. The lighting was terrible & the pic obviously didn't turn out very well but I think the shirt says it all! "Mommy's Cutie"