Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

The Vrbas' had a nice Thanksgiving, full of great family, food & fun! We had dinner at Grandma Vrbas' in Culbertson and then spent the afternoon resting & watching a movie. Then we went to the Blackman's for supper. I think we ate ALL day! Which is to be expected I guess! LOL!

Lunch at G-ma Vrbas'

Here's Sawyer-hangin' out in her car seat when we first got to Culbertson. She was pretty good for about the first hour we were at Grandma's but then grew tired of all the noise & people! ;o) Let's put it this way... she let us know when it was time to go.

Tori & Sawyer

Jacob is so funny! He WILL NOT take a bottle while in someone's arms. Missy was trying to feed him & he was squirming so much, he nearly jumped out of her arms! So she put him on the floor (under the table so no one would step on him!) What a cutie!

Some of the gang, waitin' for the yummy food.

Uncle Jared & Sawyer (He held her for a while during one of her fits... he definitely has some experience with babies! ;o)

Thursday was G-ma Vrbas & Aunt Denise's birthdays too! Happy B-day, you two!!

Ahh, finally asleep... but only for a minute.
(I think this was taken approximately minutes before she let us know it was time to go.)

Supper at Missy & Jared's

Havin' some floor time.

Joe & Matthew, reading a book.

Some of the crew before supper. (I'm sure we were all thinking the same thing... "Are we seriously eating AGAIN!?) But it was oh so yummy! Thanks Miss, for the awesome meal!

Mommy & Sawyer

Jack & Joe traded hats for a while. Honey, I sincerely hope you don't go through a cowboy phase! Tee hee...

G-pa Matt feeding Sawyer her Thanksgiving meal. Let me tell you, Nutramigin smells & tastes NOTHING like turkey, mashed taters & gravy... :( Poor girl. You'll get to indulge next year, sweetie!

G-ma Tami, telling Sawyer some stories. She was really hanging on her every word! It was cute!

"Really, Grandma?!"

That night when we got home, I went to change Sawyer's diaper & her cord finally came off!! So we were able to give her a real bath... which, as you can see by the pictures, she HATED!! I'm hoping she comes to like them. (For mommy & daddy's sake.)

Peytie LOVES to help with her sister's baths!


When we woke up Friday morning, Peytie was 'chomping at the bit' to put up all the Christmas decorations & the tree. It took all day but we got it all done. Tori & Dan came over for a while to help tend to Sawyer. Thanks a bunch, guys!

Here's our tree, I think it turned out very pretty!

Missy & Jared invited everyone back for lunch & supper on Friday as well. Since they had so much food left over. (Which I really appreciated, since that meant that I didn't have to cook! YAY!) We had more turkey w/ all the fixin's for lunch & then had soup for supper. We played some games & just hung out as a family. All in all, the weekend was wonderful!

I love this pic. I can't decide what it looks more like - As if she was having a deep thought and became too tired to think anymore? OR She's saying "Shhhh, Daddy - baby sleeping... ?" ;o)

Tori & Dan the man!

A grueling game of Cribbage.

Luke & Peytie had fun catching up. It had been a while since they played together last. (Which is sad since we live in the same town!)

Ahhh, finally... 'Home, sweet home.'

I got up this morning & dyed my hair. I'm actually pretty fond of the color. (I've been so sick of the highlights that have grown out. It was definitely due for a change!) Not sure if you can even see the difference in this pic... but nonetheless, here I am with my new do'!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


Anonymous said...

A REAL bath finally! Can we put baby lotion and all that good baby smelly stuff on her now, too??