Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Miss Sawyer

Sawyer is almost 6 weeks old!!! Things have been a little better. (Truthfully, I'm not sure if she's getting better or if I'm just getting used to it...) nevertheless, we've had some good days lately so I took advantage & got the camera out! She's really been starting to discover her voice. It's so fun to hear her make noises. (Something OTHER than crying & screaming! ;o)

Playin' with the toys on her bouncy chair! She finally realized their was a bug hangin' up there! LOL!

Layin' on big sister's bed

"Whoa, Mom - why so close?!"

I got the headbands out today. Doesn't she look adorable?! ;o)

CUTEST. PIC. EV.This pic makes me laugh, she has her Uncle Trav's "sideways" smile!


Tori Rae said...

she is ADORABLE!!! =)

Anonymous said...

I see the "Trav smile", too! Funny! Love the headband... nobody can say she's a boy with that on!
Love ya,

Tami Vrbas said...

I love those pictures of our beautiful baby!! I want more! more! MORE!!