Saturday, November 8, 2008

Peytie's Birthday Party!!

Well, our little girl turns 4 on Wednesday!! Aaagghh!! Where does the time go?!
We had her birthday party today (since Daddy informed me that next Saturday would interfere with his deer hunting!) Thanks to everyone who came. Here are all the pics! (There are a lot I know, but what can I say - I have a hard time weeding through them. Plus, Papa Jerry had the camera & apparently thought we needed a pic of her opening EVERY gift! Tee hee... J/K, love ya' Papa!)

*Note: I really hate that I'm in like, every picture - but if I don't help her with the gift opening... we'd be there ALL DAY! ;o) She also had a little help from Luke & Shiloh which helped too!

Cake & ice cream!

The party guests...

Kreyton, giving Sawyer kisses. (Or, as Shad puts it... giving his future 'wife' kisses! ;o)

Mr. Kreyton - sportin' his Husker duds! Isn't he a doll?!
Ok, seriously... who the heck is this guy?! I wanna' go home! ;o)

Nana, Sawyer & Peytie

G-pa, Nana & Sawyer

Another pic of big sister, little sister.

Miss Sawyer Jane, just chillin' in G-pa's arms.


Mack and Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Peyton! Congradulation Joe & Sarah on the new baby. What a doll! She looks alot like Peyton. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

That picture w/ Kreyton kissing Sawyer is so cute!
Thank you again for inviting us, we had so much fun!!
Hope Peytie has a Happy Birthday on Wednesday!
*Shad, Nicole & Kreyton*