Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well, I'd like to say everything is just cheery at this household but unfortunately that's not the case. Sawyer has been having a lot of tummy troubles with her formula. So far we've tried Enfamil Lipil, Enfamil ProSobee & now we're trying Enfamil GentleEase. She's been EXTREMELY gassy & fussy for the last 2 weeks and I'm REALLY hoping we can figure this out SOON! I feel so bad for her & the worst part is, because she's having such an intolerance to formula, she isn't eating as much as she should be. (Since mommy can only breast feed about 4 times a day due to a lack of milk... Ugh!) Last week she started to act a little colicky too. (Crying & screaming for about 3 hours each night. And there was nothing we could do to calm her down or console her.) I'm crossing my fingers that the change in formula will put an end to that. I took her to the Dr. on Friday to pick up the sample of GentleEase formula & while we were there I visited with Dr. Serbousek's nurse. She took her in & weighed her. She weighed 8.2 oz. I thought that was pretty good but unfortunately that only puts her in the 45th percentile. So, she wants me to try this new formula & then bring her back in next Friday for another weigh-in. If things don't get better, I'll schedule her with the Dr. I'm praying this finally works! Poor little girl...

Here are some happy moments from the week, caught on camera...

Peytie just LOVES to hold her baby sister. She asks ALL the time!

Every time I unwrap her from her blankie, she's in a cute position like this. Usually both legs are all curled up funny. (Guess she still thinks she's in the womb!)

Proud cousin Tori came over for a bit before work the other day. I feel so blessed that my girls have such wonderful family to surround them.

A little smile.
(Pretty sure it was just gas... but cute, nonetheless.)

Judo chop!


Wild Things said...

Sarah, you might want to check into goats milk. Have you talked to a La Leache member? McCook used to have a great group. Also 'they' used to say drink a beer to increase your milk. I don't remember who 'they' were or if that is the case. La Leache should be able to help. Hylands makes a colic tablet that saved my sanity when Jasmine was a baby. Walmart used to sell them. Happy Heart in NP does carry them.


Tami Vrbas said...

I heart the one of Sawyer half smiling, gas or no! Cholic is not fun, but this too will pass, as in all thing....happy days are just around the corner. So neat to see the one of Peytie holding her little sister. She is getting this big sis routine down pretty good, isn't she?!!