Sunday, September 16, 2007

Playin' with Grammy Tami!

Grammy Tami is quite the lifesaver when it comes to watching Peytie. She's almost ALWAYS available to keep her when daycare is closed or during the weekend when we have something going on, etc... We really appreciate her & Papa Jerry! I had a meeting in NP on Friday so they got to hang out for awhile. Grammy bought her a cute little kitten notebook.
(I'm hoping someday she will maybe be able to write like her Grammy.
That would be something, wouldn't it?)

Thanks, Grammy Tami!

This is a purse she got while shopping with Grammy that day. Isn't it adorable?
And sooo fitting too, as she does love pink.

Goofy girls!

On the walk home (down the alley).


The Hagan Clan said...
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The Hagan Clan said...

awesome pics... I LOVE the first pic. with the pen in her mouth. Looks like she really thinking on what to to cute

Anonymous said...

We sure do have fun together, Peytie and I. Thanks, Sarah. Such special memories.

Grammy Tami

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Penguin noses! And I would say we just may have a new little author on our hands! Between Grammy Tami and Unca Dave, she's sure got a great shot at it, doesn't she?! :)
~~ Nana Lisa

Peyton and Sawyers Place said...

Yep, I'm keeping my fingers crossed mom!

Anonymous said...

I want a penguin nose!