Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swimmin' Lessons!

Peytie started swimming lessons this year. Laura takes her every morning. It's pretty cool 'cause her cousins, Luke & Matthew are also in her class. Last week was a little rough but she seems to be getting used to it all. I was beginning to think she lost her 'dare-devil' attitude - but Laura said she's been going off the boards this week! YAY! I plan to take more pics this Friday when I get to take her again.

This was pretty much what she did the ENTIRE time I was there last Friday... she had a death grip on Brittany & wouldn't let go! Silly girl!

Nathan was hanging out in the baby pool with Missy & Jacob. I got this shot of him wearing Peytie's flip-flops. He's such a cutie, always wearing everyone else's shoes!

Cassie, Matthew, Brittany & Peytie - playing a game.

I'm sure glad to hear that she's starting to warm up to this whole 'swimmin in the big pool' thing! ;o)