Sunday, July 6, 2008

A fun 4th of July weekend!

The Vrbas' had a GREAT holiday weekend!

Here's Joe, Peytie & G-pa Matt having some fun Thursday nite.
(Snakes, snap-pops & ground flowers.)

Joe put a few bigger ones off that nite once it got dark. Peytie didn't have a nap (which is beginning to be pretty typical lately) so she didn't last long enough to see the rest of them. That, and G-ma 'Laine's lap is pretty comfy.

We packed up & headed to Culbertson for the evening. The Vrbas' have an annual get-together at G-ma Mary Lou's and it's always a blast! We always have a BBQ and just hang out until the big fairground fireworks show. This year's show was really good because it was their 20th yr and they were given extra donations for even MORE fireworks than usual! It was awesome!! (I would've taken some pics of the show but my camera doesn't work real well at nite. Still trying to figure those things out...)

Here are several pics from the night.

G-pa & Peytie (Happy 50th dad - we love you!)

Jack Parker

Peyton Elisabeth

The Birthday boys! (Dad & Uncle Jim)

Our fam.

The Grand Island Vrbi... Amy, Jack & Dave

"Cool shades dude!"

The McCook Vrbi... Jess, baby Grace, Josh & Sabrina

The crowd

Brother Dave, takin' a pic of me, takin' a pic of him... we're goofs! ;o)

"How do we look?... Chubby?!"

Cousins Sabrina & Peyton (They became fast friends and had a blast together!)

Watchin' the show...
Thanks for these pics Jer - they turned out great!

Grandma's Elaine & Mary Lou

Me & Daniel

Tori bein' cheesy! (Love this pic!)

This is just funny to me. Check out the 2 sets of chicken legs on the left. Can you tell they're brothers?! Kinda' uncanny really...

Mr. Jackles - hopped up on soda! ;o) Thank goodness it was caffeine free!

Peytie - still not so sure about the sparklers. (When it comes to fireworks, you really can't tell she's her father's child. It's weird.)

She held it for about 4 seconds and then turned around in a panic asking someone to please take it from her before it burned her. Come to think of it, her mama never really cared for sparklers either... What a cutie, isn't she?!


The Hagan Clan said...

Dang it....i didnt know that your all going to be over at G'ma V's house or i would stop by and said hi....she only lives a block behind us...RATS...glad you enjoy the show...they love doing..even tho. bryan comes back blinded and Looks like your family had a blast this weekend!

The Hagan Clan said...

You've been tagged! Visit my blog for the questions