Friday, July 11, 2008

A few more random pictures...

Hangin' out with Spencer

Peyton was walking around the other nite with her stroller, which is pretty typical lately. But instead of strolling her baby doll - she had 2 dolls! She said, "Look mommy, these are my twins!" "Like Jaime & Jason's!" I thought it was pretty cute. (I think she honestly still thinks this rather large baby in my tummy is in fact, TWO babies.) Thank goodness it's not - One is all I'm prepared for!

"Where's Peyton?" Can you find her in these rows of corn?
Our garden's looking pretty good huh? We've already been able to enjoy several veggies out of it!

Again - "Where's Peyton?" I went in to her bedroom this afternoon, expecting to find her in bed... but instead, she was curled up in the corner, sacked out! Kids will sleep anywhere!

All play and no...listening to her mommy in the 1st place, when she tells her to lay down for a nap... makes Peytie a sleepy girl! ;o)


brusoe2000 said...

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