Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Surprise B-day Party!

We threw Joe & Dad a surprise birthday party last Saturday night at the Sports Cafe in Trenton. Dad turned 50 on July 4th & Joe turned 30 on the 15th!

I can't believe we pulled it off but we did! They were both COMPLETELY taken by surprise. It was a lot of fun and we want to thank everyone for coming (and keeping it a secret!)

Below are some pics from the night.

The entrance...

The birthday boys!

Some of the crew...

Mama K

A little karaoke... (my favorite thing to do!)

Mom, Trav & Jess

Father/Son moment...

Me, bein'... me!

Heidi - my partner in crime!

Some friends from work came too! I was stoked!! Here's me & Renae.

Marsha & Joe

Corey, me & Renae

Me & a LONG time family friend, Mel Pelkey.

Pregnant solo! ;o)

Our usual... 'Summer Nights' duet

Dad & Heidi

Dad & me (He doesn't look 50 huh?!)

Mama & me tearin' it up!! ;o)

Jess & Trav


Dave Ja Vu said...

Wish we coulda been there!