Friday, November 9, 2007

Random stuff...

As most of you know, Peyton will be turning 3 this Monday. I know, we can hardly believe it either! Where has the time gone?! She absolutely amazes me everyday, with how much she's grown & how smart she's become. Joe and I were talking the other day, and don't really remember what life was like before her... and ya' know - we don't really want to! We couldn't be happier!!

Tricycle riding -in the garage. (Quite the facial expression, no?)

Chillin' with Poppo & Nana!

Rawkin' mom's wig from Halloween.

She was enthralled during one of her morning cartoons... I got her to smile, but she could not take her eyes off of that TV! ;o)

A visit from Grandpa Matt!!

Grandpa Matt came over last Sunday, for mommy's birthday. It was a nice treat! They swang (is that the right word?) for a good hour I bet!



Anonymous said...

Love all the photos, but my mostest fave one is the one of Papa Matt acting like he was getting schnocked in the face! Funny stuff.

Oh, and I think the correct word is 'swinged' or 'swong'. Might be 'swanged'...

Uncle Dave

Anonymous said...

She is growing more each day. It is amazing, if I don't see her for a couple days, I notice a change in her in one way or another! Don't you just wish you could bottle this childhood and keep it forever?!!! I guess that's what photographs are for, isn't it? Duh.
Grandma Tami

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the "large Marge" pic of me! Sure wouldn't have wanted to hold that one back from the millions of people in the world!
Seriously... I love this page! Keep posting. It's like my Gramma's Brag Book "on the go"!