Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random post...

Donna came in during our last blizzard to take Peytie & Jack sledding. I was so thankful because there was NO way I was goin' outside. BRRRR!!! Thanks Donna - you're the best!
Peytie makin' a snow angel...

Jack & Sawyer lookin' out at the 'crazies' playing in the snow!

A couple pics from Palisade's Old Fashioned Christmas...

Peytie wanted to take a pic of mommy. (I had to help hold the camera - but she pushed the button - so hey that counts! ;) She did pretty good except we forgot to turn the flash on so had to make it B/W 'cause the colors were just yucky! =)
One SLEEPY lil' girl... (Pic, courtesy of Donna-our sitter.)

Bath... check. Bedtime cookie...check. Lookin' adorable with my curly locks... check.