Friday, December 4, 2009

Last weekend...

For those of you that know my husband, you probably won't think anything of this. (He gets some wild & crazy hairs sometimes!) For those of you who don't... let me explain - I was telling him that we've been doing the same thing with our Christmas lights for the past 3 years now and it would be nice to come up with something a little 'different' this year. Well... Joe decided that having a 20 ft live Christmas tree in our yard was the perfect 'difference' we needed! So that's just what he did! Here are some pics from this hilarious and fun day!
Thank goodness we have connections... Brother-in-law Jared was more than happy to come help Joe out with his bucket truck! Thanks again, Jared - we really appreciated it!
Loaded on the trailer...

Bringing it to it's new 'home'. (For a month or so anyway...)

Carefully assessing the situation...

Ready to roll!
We had a few set backs, such as the hole Joe dug not being wide enough (which his wife tried to warn him of from the beginning, mind you.)
After hoisting it back up and digging the hole a little deeper & wider, it was ready to be set back in.
And it's UP! ;)

Meanwhile, Sawyer had fun playing on all the neighbors Christmas stuff!

Now for the lights...

This was the craziest part! ME (who is deathly afraid of heights) up in the bucket truck! Lord knows how many feet in the air at certain times!! My legs were sore for several days after just from bracing them so tightly for fear of falling out! ;)

The tree really does look fabulous! Altho' I still think it needs more lights... which we'll get to. ('er JOE will get to!) This girl has had all she can stand of braving THAT phobia! For this year anyway...
Ahhh, what a fun day!!!