Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve/Christmas morning!!

I decided to have the family over to our house for soup on Christmas Eve. We had a pretty good time I think!
Yeah - we're cute. We know... ;)

I LOVE this pic!
Nana & our baby girl!
Such beautiful girls...

Sportin' G-ma Elaine's coat & scarf...
Tori & Dan

On Christmas morning, we got up and the girls opened their Santa gifts. Then we headed over to Nana & Poppo's for more presents & a yummy Christmas dinner!
Grandpa Matt stopped by with presents too!
Nana's house...

Peytie - playin' dress up!

Sawyer really wanted to get in the kitchen to be our little helper...

Mommy, Sawyer & "Barley-n-Hops"

Uncle Trav

Peytie and her FAVORITE person in the whole world, Jess!!
Showin' daddy how opening presents is done!

Whatchya' get, Nana?!

What a wonderful Christmas the Vrbas' had!
Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for 2010!! ;)