Sunday, March 15, 2009

What?! 5 months old already?!?!

It's been 5 months since Miss Sawyer joined our family & we can hardly believe it!
She's growing WAY too fast. She started rolling over about a month ago & just started on some baby food. Sweet 'taters are her fav! (they were her sissy's fav too.) And boy does she like to talk?! She is such a 'chatterbox!!' She just gabs & gabs ALL day long... (hmmm - again, much like sissy! =) Her daddy has actually given her the nickname "Sawyer Jane Verbal." And what's even cuter - when she gets the giggles while watching/playing with Peytie. They are SO cute when they play together! Peytie's always doing something silly & when she starts laughing, then Sawyer chimes in. It's cuteness on a cracker, I tell ya'. (The video I posted a couple weeks ago proves that I guess. If you haven't seen it, scroll down & check it out! It's sure to bring ya' a chuckle or two.)

Well, here are several pics. (I know, they're pretty much the same shot over & over - she was just being so darn cute that day! And I don't know what it is with me & overalls on my girls - but I just LOVE 'em!)

Before bathtime...

Wearing big sister's cowgirl hat. She LOVES it!


sixbehrs said...

She is so cute!

Tami Vrbas said...

Purely adorable.

Anonymous said...

Pretty in pink! What great pictures! I stole them off your blog... :o)
Love to all my girls!