Monday, March 30, 2009

A new nickname!

Ok, so nothing much has been going on at our household lately. (With the exception of Joe working hard at moving my laundry room upstairs to prepare for a new bathroom in the basement.)
*insert ecstatic grin here*

As you know, Peytie is 4 yrs old now (going on 14!) and she is really growing by leaps & bounds. And boy is she ever charasmatic! A hoot, sometimes I tell ya'! Hence the following story:

Tonight, while she was having one of her 4 yr old... 'moments' {for lack of a better term}, I told her instead of calling her Peytie, I was giving her the nickname of 'Pouty'. It was quite fitting, as I'm sure you all can imagine. Anyway, she immediately said "No!" So, as I was hollering in to her dad to tell him of her new nickname, she said "Mommy, that's not a nice name." I agreed & then asked her what name she thought we should call her. Her response was, "How 'bout something nice... I KNOW! You could call me Gramma 'Laine! 'Cause she's NICE & I like her!" And of course, both mommy & daddy agreed!
Ha Ha! Can ya' tell who her favorite next door neighbor is? ;o) I guess this is a 'shout-out' to our 'favorite Gramma 'Laine!' We sure love you & don't (and wouldn't want to) know what life would be like around here, without you!

So, that's all for now... 'til next time...


brusoe2000 said...

I'll agree with her that it's a great name. Don't kids come up with the darndest things? It only gets better.


I totally know what you mean. It's so hard to explain to others the feeling you get when they do stuff like that. Just makes me smile from ear to ear and giggle. Lastnight I got home from work and Nate and Gunnar had already been home for awhile. When I walked in the door Gunnar said, "Hi Mom! How was work?" All I could do was smile. They grow up WAY to fast!!! What joy they bring to our lives.

Coaching Rounder said...

I think with a nickname like that she could be in a band... say Eddy and the Money?