Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prom 2009!

This past weekend, we attended the W/P promenade. As you all know, our niece Tori is a Jr. this year. **sniff, sniff** She was absolutely STUNNING! (Her boyfriend Dan, cleaned up pretty well, too! ;o) We took a few pics before they left for the promenade.

Tori Rae & Peyton "Cheeser" Elisabeth

Tawyer & Sawyer
(as Dave so cleverly nicknamed them!)

Pleasing her dorky aunts & uncles, by posing like a goon. LOL! Such a good sport she is! ;o)

Not sure what was so funny here, but I thought it was quite the 'candid' shot.

I suppose your knee brace would work as a garter...? LOL! ;o)

The girls were pretty tired on the way up to the promenade. (It started at 8:30 our time, so it was most def their bedtime!) Here's Peytie, talkin' to her sister during the ride.

Sheesh, mom! Why ya' gotta' flash that thing?!

Ok, so unfortunately we got to the promenade a little late so Tori & Dan had already taken the 'walk'. (Still sorry about that Tor.) Anyway, the gym has extremely bad lighting anyway. (Which is why I made this black & white.) Such a good looking couple, no?

We went down to check out the decorations for the dance. They did a great job!

Christina & Courtney McGinnis. Lookin' 'gorge' girls!

Kelsi McCorkle & boyfriend Ryan. I just LOVED the color of her dress!