Friday, January 11, 2008

The rest of the Christmas pics...

Well, these are the pictures I couldn't get off my camera disc. Our good friend, Jason took the disc home last night & was able to get them off! YAY! Thanks Jas!

Anyway, unfortunately they're all pretty blurry. I would imagine that had something to do with the disc error. Oh well... I'm just thankful they were recovered!

Christmas morning

The 'ONLY' thing she asked for this year! (A $3 bouncy ball!)

The kitchen crew... G-ma Betty, Karla, Nana & Peytie

Poppo Hank... salt encrusting the prime rib.

Peytie got a doll house this year from her Nana & Poppo! She absolutely LOVED it!

Great Grandma Betty & Peyton

A new bike from Grandpa Matt!!

Just waiting for dinner...

~Peytie, opening gifts~

G-pa/Peytie playtime!

G-pa Matt, Peyton, Me & Trav