Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Daycare fun!

As most of you know, Peytie's daycare lady quit the last of October so we had to find another option, short of mom quitting her job. (Yeah, you knew that wasn't gonna' happen!) So, our good friend, Laura so graciously changed her hours at her job so she could watch Peytie & 2 other kids here in town. (Good friends of ours - the Klumpe's.) Here are some pics taken about a month ago of Peytie, Paige & Karson. They have a lot of fun & Peytie really likes it there! We're hoping to get a daycare started at the Methodist church here in Palisade soon!
Thanks for these pics, Kari!
Best buds...

Coloring time

Peytie & Karson watching a movie

Sleeping Beauties...


Grammy Tami said...

I love the photos of Peytie's day care and the last two of the Sleeping beauties. It's neat to see them having fun together.
Love, Grammy Tami