Sunday, November 1, 2009


Last weekend, we were invited out to Heidi & Brian Wright's for a hog roast & a pumpkin pickin' party. It was a lot of fun!

Peytie & Daddy finding the perfect pumpkin.

Sawyer was mesmerized...

Jack & Peyton

This past Friday night, we attended Dave & Amy's Halloween Bash. And boy did we have a BLAST!!! Karaoke, great food, awesome people, cool costumes & crazy fun!!

A couple pics of Sawyer doing what she does best... pleasin' with some cheesin'!

Lil' monkey, Tinkerbell & Cowboy Jack

The girls!

Posing by this gorgeous tree!

Chillin' in the stroller.

Grammy & our lil' monkey

Too much trick-or-treating for this girl...


Dave Ja Vu said...

Love the trick or treat pics! I'm gonna steal some of them (of course)!