Monday, November 30, 2009

Better late than never, right?

Ok, so it's only a couple weeks late.... sorry. ;)
Peytie decided she wanted to do something different than just the same 'ol b-day party at the house. So we went out for pizza and then bowling! It was lots of fun!

Sawyer was ready to partay!

Tanya, Bart & Sawyer - gettin' ready to chow down on some pizza!

Peytie, opening her presents at the bowling alley...

Jacob found a new friend...
Some of the troops, bowling
Sawyer took a little nap on her G-ma's lap
The b-day girl made it home but immediately found the couch. She was worn out! ;)
Since Blogger, so lovingly, puts everything out of order - here are some pics that were actually taken ON Peytie's b-day (which was actually before her party) but whatev. ;)

Opening her presents from Mom & Dad...