Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Playin' with Picnik!

Found a fun little editing program on Facebook called Picnik. I could spend countless hours just messin' around with photos in this program. Thought I'd share some of them with you...

Just a quick update on the Vrbas'...
~(since there's really nothing too interesting going on in our lives right now)~
Joe is keeping busy, as always! Between RJ Const., the Fire Dept, and his 'hubby/daddy' duties - he lacks very little time for anything else! (But don't worry - he wouldn't have it any other way!)
Peytie is enjoying her summer off from school. She's excited for it to start staying warm & keeps asking me when we can take the boat out to the pits & do some swimming! It's always either that or asking when we're going to the zoo.
(We're planning a little mini-vacation to Omaha sometime this summer. She. Is. Stoked.)
Sawyer is growing up SO fast... she's been pulling herself up on things & doing a little furniture crusin' now for a couple weeks. And she's ONLY 8 MONTHS OLD!!! Aagghh!! Daddy & sister are elated, but Mommy would like her to slow down! (Except for the 'cutting of the teeth'. Man, I wish those would come in already!! ;o)
As for me... just pluggin' along - staying VERY busy!!! I've been at my job now for 8 years and I truly love it! Even tho' the thought of a summer vacation sounds just DREAMY...
(I knew I shoulda' become a teacher!) =)
Well, we hope everyone's having a SUPER summer!!
I will try to update with new pics very soon.
Love you all!


sixbehrs said...

Fun! I'm going to have to check into that on facebook. Great pics!