Thursday, September 25, 2008

A 'pampering' shower!

I got a pleasant surprise today at work. My co-workers threw me a 'pampering' shower during our usual 'staff meeting' lunch hour. We had pizza delivered & had yummy brownies & ice cream. I got a lot of nice things! Some of the gifts were aroma therapy candles, a really neat oil burning candle/lantern, Bath & Body Works lotion & soap set, gift certificates for a free massage, a spa pedicure and an Old Navy gift card! Everything will come in handy for this mommy -'post' pregnancy! I really appreciate the fact that I have such a great group of people to work with! I truly am blessed!

A 'not so great' picture of my gifts.

Oh, and I can't forget Peytie's gift. A couple of the girls, Renae & Starla, thought 'big sister' should get a gift too. Boy, do they know her well!! She absolutely loved the Bratz dolls!
A BIG thanks from Peytie, gals!

Anyway, here's a pic of 'soon-to-be big sis', cheesin' for the camera as usual. Daddy was blowing up balloons for her. She's such a nut for balloons! She had just got done doing a little Tae-Bo on her Scooby Doo punching bag. (That's what's behind her in case you were wonderin'.)

Peyton has really been getting excited about her new baby sister coming soon. Yes, I said 'soon' people. BETTER be soon!!! ;o) God help my family if I'm still pregnant this same time next week! J/K... But seriously folks, I'm getting a tad impatient. To update you all: I had a fun night on Tuesday. (Or should I say Wednesday morning?!) I was rudely awakened by contractions at around 12:30am, coming at steady 6 minute intervals... for about 3 1/2 hours!! I really thought that was it... it was time to go. I packed my bag, got dressed & ready to head to the hospital but then the contractions started to go away. So, I laid back down, fell asleep & woke up at 7:00 that morning with no more contractions obviously. So... who knows? Guess it was just my body 'practicing'. Haven't had any more since.

I had a Dr appointment today & was told she could come anytime between now & my due date. Talk about vague, huh? 'Course, how does anyone really know? He checked me & unfortunately I haven't dialated yet - however my cervix is softening. Guess things are starting... Will just have to wait & see. After all, it's ultimately up to the baby, right? That's the crazy thing about kids, they pretty much "run the show" from the moment of conception & continue 'til they're at least 18! Ha ha!

Well, perhaps my next update will be the birth announcement of this brand new baby girl?! Until then... Peace!~


Anonymous said...

Gary & I are very excited for you Sarah! Hopefully for you & your family you'll go soon! :) In the meantime take care & rest when you can.