Monday, June 16, 2008

Pioneer Days 2008!

Well, Pioneer Days 2008 is behind us now. The weekend was great! I think people had a lot of fun as usual. Here are a few pics...

Thanks to all who took pics & sent them to me! I appreciate it! I hope to have a new camera soon!

Peyton was asked to be 'Miss Poppy' for the Legion Auxiliary this year. She had a blast and got to ride through the parade with her Papa Jerry!

Joe, wearing his dress to promote the 'Guys as Gals' softball game later that day.
-I love ya' honey but you sure don't make a pretty girl AT ALL! (And that's perfectly ok with me!)

Peytie, hanging out with her Papa during the rest of the parade.

Mommy, Peytie & Nana at the softball game.

Palisade & Hayes Center Fire Departments. We're so glad it turned out so well! The guys had a great time I think & we hope to do it again next year. Thanks for being such good sports, guys!


Klumpe Klan: said...

All I can say is SEXXYY!