Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some old & some new...

Ok, so I came across several pictures that I had saved on my camera & just hadn't posted. So, this is a rather large post. As you'll notice, these first few are REALLY old. (You'll not only notice the snow but also Peytie's long hair!) Enjoy!

Ridin' my bike while dad tries to clean up some of the ice in the gutters.

This was obviously awhile ago. This was the last heavy snow we got. Joe kept very busy with snow & ice removal for weeks!

My cheesy girl...

We've had several really nice days lately so we've taken a couple trips to the park. Peytie LOVES the park!

We stopped by Grammy & Papa's house on the way back from the park one day & hung out with Luke & Matthew for a bit. Fun in the sandbox!

Peyton really enjoys posing for the camera (sometimes).

Play/Fight time with Addie! (They really DO love each other.)

Well, I hope to get better about posting more often. With spring right around the corner - I plan to start taking more pictures. (I'll try.)


Blackmans said...

Tag your it... read my blog!

Dave said...

I love the photos of her cheesing for the camera. That little fake smile is funny!