Monday, March 24, 2008

A couple weeks late...

Prom pictures! (Sorry, I'm a little late to post these.)
Heidi, Peyton & I attended the W/P promenade this year. Tori was beautiful (to no surprise). Her boyfriend, Daniel Gardner escorted her. They were absolutely adorable, as always...
Peytie had a blast looking at all the pretty dresses. Heidi & I got a good laugh as we were leaving the gym that nite - Peytie said, "That was a really good game, mommy!" (Normally, the only time we ever go to the school gym is for volleyball/basketball games.) What a cutie!
Anyway, so when we got to the promenade, I took 2 pictures and then I ran out of disc space on my camera!!! Aaaarrggghhh! So, thanks Tori- for e-mailing me your pics! I appreciate it. Don't know what I would do without my friends & family to pick up my slack on taking pictures!

Tori & Daniel

Tori & Peytie (hammin' for the camera)

Tori & Kelsi

Peyton, Kelsi & Paige