Monday, July 5, 2010

4tH oF JuLy!!!

We had an awesome 4th with family & friends!! The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays! Here are some pics from yesterday... I actually kinda' went camera crazy for awhile. Surprisingly. ;)

Our annual family BBQ at Grandma Vrbas' in Culbertson...

Tom, Keith, Amber, Joy and Denise...
I always manage to catch a funny face on Joe. :)

Uncle Jared and Peytie

Love this pic. See the reflection off the car?



Missy & Jake

Hangin' out on the blanket, watching the kids shoot off fireworks.

Abby was really trying to join the rest of the kiddos...

Miss Grace, sportin' her mommy's shades!
Milk & blankie... the only 2 things this girl needs.
Oh yeah... AND her mommy! ;)


Say cheese, baby!

See... Sawyer knows how to do it!

Tami, Matthew, Amber, Miss, Jake & Abby

These 2 were crackin' us UP!

Peytie, probably begging for more fireworks. ;)

The loungin' babes again...
Smoke bombs...

Run, kiddo... RUN!!! ;)

Sawyer was saying, "Woot, daddy WOOT!" (Look)

Time to pick up the shrapnel...

Sawyer, helping pick up... she really is quite the little helper!

She's also good at "watching"... ;)

In desperate need of a nap by this time... (didn't take one tho'.)

Sawyer and her Papa Jerry... LOVE this pic...

Miss Kenna... I can't believe how grown up she's getting!
This was hilarious! Sawyer kept sneaking some of mom's pop. She would hunch down, take a sip without touching it with her hands, then run away giggling. So ORNERY!
Who? ME?

Peytie and her cousin Sabrina...

I really wish I would've taken the time to figure out the settings on my camera. Unfortunately I didn't, so I have no pics of the AWESOME fireworks that night... :(
A good time was had by all... as always. Thanks for the memories, guys! Love ya'!