Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our vacation in Estes!!

On our way to Estes, we stopped at the park in Loveland. It's a nice little park right across from a beautiful lake!
5 hours in a car is "like forever" as Peytie would say... so it was nice to be able to let them out to stretch their legs...

My brother was doing backflips out of the swing. Should've got video of it. Some things never change... such a monkey!

The mountains!!

Rocky Mountain Retreat... our destination!

There was a hill with some snow still on it, just behind our cabin. Peytie was thrilled to get to go sledding! Little did we know - it was private property and apparently there was no trespassing allowed... (even tho' she didn't have a sign posted ANYWHERE! Whatev.) They had fun the few times down, before she caught them. ;)

Long day... ready for 'nite 'nite.

A little 'tubbin before bed...

The Stanley Hotel

Breath-taking... isn't it?

Peytie & her Poppo, being goofballs!

One of the many deer that visited...

The girls "helping" Daddy build a fire.

~Sprague Lake~

~Bear Lake~

Georgeous country...

~The Alluvial Fan~

~Mary's Lake~

Trav, Jess, Joe, Peytie and I all went rock climbin'!! What fun!

Hangin' out on the deck...

Walkin' in mommy's shoes...

Trav was just as excited as we were to be leaving beautiful Colorado...