Monday, October 12, 2009

Miss Sawyer is 1!!!!

It seems like just yesterday this beautiful baby girl was just becoming a member of our family... but indeed, it was a whole year ago... WOW! I still can't believe it!
Happy 1st Birthday Sawyer Jane!
Mommy, Daddy & Peyton love you SOOOOO very much!!

Opening gifts...

Mr. Kreyton (Sawyer's BFF) was hammin' it up as usual...

Taking time out to read her new book!

This pic is just hilarious to me... it just captures the moment so well. Total CHAOS!! =)

Monkeyin' around

Jack, tryin' out the new airplane!
Kreyton's turn...

Cake & ice cream time!!

Big sis - showin' her how it's done!

Havin' some of Papa Jerry's too!

Wow, I have made quite the MESS! =)

All frosting'd out!

All cleaned up & loungin' with Gramdma Betty

The Great Pumpkin Painters!

Umm, Dave - could you maybe fake some enthusiasm? =)
The birthday girl, playing with her toys!

After the party it was 'snappy nap' time...
Well... for Sawyer & Daddy it was. Peytie played with all the toys for a while...

And I painted a pumpkin...

It was a wonderful day spent with family & friends. We are so grateful & blessed to have you all in our lives. Thanks again for helping Sawyer celebrate her 1st birthday. It was a memorable one!
Love ya'!!


The Weiss' said...

It looks like Sawyer had a ball!!! What a cutie. Pumpkin painting looked fun as well.