Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The 4th of July!!

Hello all! Hope everyone had a safe & wonderful 4th of July!!!!
The 4th is not only America's B-day, but my dad's as well!
We went to his house for a while during the afternoon to help him celebrate.
Peytie & I bought him 4th of July cupcakes. (Didn't get a picture of THAT mess... let's just say that red & blue frosting doesn't go over too well w/ a 4 yr old! ;o)
Happy B-day Grandpa Matt!!
The Vrbas' had their annual celebration again at G-ma Mary Lou's in Culbertson, including a BBQ, fireworks & fun!
Whaddya' call this - a Jackle Fish?!
G-ma Tami & Sawyer

Joe, Heidi & Jerry

Peytie & her cousin, Sabrina

Everyone just hangin' out, waiting for the fireworks show...

Fun w/ my photo editing program

Such a festive little girl, huh?!

The Jack

Joe, bein' a kid... (which is quite common during this holiday - his FAVORITE holiday!)

Jacob & Sawyer in baby jail

Tori & baby Abby!

Umm, it's times like these that make me wonder if we're going to be taking a trip to the ER. Just for the record, no... we didn't. ;o)

Sawyer finally went to sleep...with the help of Tori. :) She was a bit crabby for all the festivities. I ended up taking her to the doctor on Monday & she had an ear infection. :( Poor girl.

Thank goodness for antibiotics! 2 doses & she's already back to being her silly self again! ;o)